In the mid-17th century Rome represented the centre of Europe.


2015 will be our last time at Landschloss in Gmunden!

Just like the Vatican, the palazzi in Rome were a big magnet for artists and musicians from all over Europe, also the Swedish Queen Christina settled in Rome in 1655-1689.  The list of the musicians employed by her is considered to be the who is who of  Italian baroque music and includes names such as Stradella, Corelli, A. Scarlatti, Cesti, Carissimi, Cavalli, Rossi, Colonna or Pasquini. The arts and the music bloomed, which was reflected in the development of the concerto grosso and the composition of numerous operas, cantatas and chamber music.

In the ABA courses 2015 we want to put our focus on this musical treasure. In addition to solo- and chamber-music we will be rehearsing a concerto grosso of Corelli  and vocal works by Stradella and Scarlatti for a final concert which is part of the festival.

Of course there will be the possibility to work free repertoire of your choice in your private lessons. Beside the individual and ensemble classes of 2015 we also will be offering Baroque dance classes for all of you.


Queen Christine SchwedenCourses Gmunden:
28th July to 7th August 2015



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