Donna baroque – female composer

Queen Christine Schweden100 years prior the enlightenment era (1626 – 1689) the Swedish queen Christina inspired the European scientific and cultural spheres distinctively, as she travelled across Europe following the end of the devastating war. The Austrian Barouque Academy takes this opportunity to be a part of the Queen Christina of Sweden l’europèene 2014 Project with a special focus on Women as Composers. Formerly female composers struggled for public acceptance. They often had to cope with social conditions hindering them from perusing their artistic careers, yet few were able to stand out and follow their dreams. Nonetheless these distinguished ones faced frequently tragic obstacles such as plagiarism, disregard, underestimation, sexism, etc. Remarkably some female composers succeeded to produce creative pieces in innovative manner that guaranteed them success, recognition and lengthy remembrance. Barbara Strozzi, Antonia Bembo, Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la guerra, Isabella Leonarda, r.g. badalla, Francesca Laccini, Laura Quinciani and Anne Boleyn are some examples. A special emphasis will be laid on the Amazon opera „Talestri“ by Maria Antonia Walpurgis, which will be produced as an ABA-project in 2015. The 2014 master classes will be forming ensembles performing music of 17th-19th-century composers at different locations in Europe as a part of the project.
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