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The ABA Master Classes 2018 will take place in Altmünster at Schloß Ebenzweier 25 July - 4 August 2018!
Please save the date,we look forward to your participation.


Theme 2018: Georg Friedrich Händel - a European composer

In the year 1648, the Queen of Sweden, age 18, ended the 30 years of war, which destroyed Europe. In this Anniversary year, we want to honour one of Europe`s Composer of that time, who worked in four different countries: Georg Friedrich Händel


In this year’s academy we celebrate not only one of the most important and influential composers of the 18th century, Georg Friedrich Händel is also an example for a European career as musician composer and artistic director.

Händel grew up in Halle where he got his musical education with Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow. His first professional position he entered at the age of 18, was as violinist and harpsichordist in the orchestra of the Gänsemarkt-Oper in Hamburg, three years later his first opera „Almira“ was produced there. Hamburg was a cultural hotspot in these years and Händel got in contact with important composers as Keiser, Mattheson, Telemann and Buxtehude.

1706-1710 he spent four years in Italy. Roma, Firenze, Napoli and Venice were the most important destinations where he intensively studied Italian music and met composers like Corelli, Scarlatti and Lotti. Animated by the Italian style he composed choral and solo cantatas, oratorios and two operas. The outstanding success of the performances of „Agrippina“ in Venezia opened Händel many doors and he got invitations to Innsbruck, the court of Hannover and the English court in London.

After a short visit in Innsbruck he accepted a position as director of music in Hannover, which he left a few months later to go to London. Here his career reached its full bloom. For more than four decades Händel was the most important composer in the field of opera, oratorio and instrumental music in England. His oeuvre includes 42 operas, numerous oratorios and church music pieces, concerti and Concerti grossi, orchestra suites and a large number of chamber music pieces.


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