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The ABA Master Classes 2022 will take place in Lambach at ABZ Lambach 24 July - 1 August 2022!
Please save the date,we look forward to your participation.


Theme 2022: Music in Berlin

As centres of Prussian politics, Berlin and Potsdam were also important cultural stations in Europe for centuries. In this year's academy, we will explore the development from the "kurfürstliche Kapelle" through the music at the court of Friedrich II. to the archives of the „Berlin Singakademie“.
A highlight in Berlin's musical history certainly is the rich musical life at the court of king Friedrich II. (called „the great“), associated with names such as Benda, Graun, Schaffrath, Johann Quantz, Agricola, their teacher Pisendel, Janitsch, Johann Sebastian Bach and his sons Carl Philipp Emanuel and Wilhelm Friedemann, and Telemann. But also the preceding times of the „kurfürstliche Kapelle“, the exchange with England and Italy, represented e.g. by Eccard, Brade, Bononcini, Steffani, Volumier, Nichelmann and Kirnberger, offer interesting musical discoveries. The archive of the „Berlin Singakademie“, founded in 1791, contains an impressive cross-section of baroque music in Europe.

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